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The Association

The main responsibility of the Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Association is to ensure the provenance, quality and progression of the breed. Since the birth of the Association in 1879, the focus has been to breed the best quality bulls and cows, producing the world-renowned premium quality beef which is now in the highest of demand from restaurants, retailers, butchers and consumers.

The 19th century saw the first introduction of Aberdeen-Angus cattle to Ireland, a country which has been famous for its cattle for some time now, with Irish stock playing a major role in the foundation of breeding herds throughout the world, particularly in Great Britain and North and South America.

Irish Aberdeen-Angus breeders are dedicated to the work they do and breed the cattle with meticulous care. For the past 20 to 30 years, Irish bred bulls have had an increasingly major influence on the breed throughout the British Isles, with Irish bulls and their offspring becoming a regular fixture in championship line-ups at Perth Bull Sales.