What’s better on a Sunday afternoon than the smell of an Aberdeen-Angus beef stew slowing cooking on your hob. 

What you’ll need

For the stew 

For the leek pudding 

How it’s done

Firstly, start on the delicious Aberdeen-Angus beef stew.

Pop the cornflour in roasting tin chuck in meat to coat in cornflour, shake it round a bit! Sprinkle in stock cubes, pop in veg, season, pour in Ale and a little cold water stir round a bit. Put in oven at 170 for 2-3 hours or slow cooker.

When this is cooking you can crack on with the leek pudding. 

Put all dry ingredients in bowl, stir round, add water till it’s like a dumpling mixture then add the mixture to pudding basin. Microwave for seven minutes leave to stand for two minutes. 

Serve with a mixture of green veg and enjoy!