24 August 2021

The Munster Aberdeen-Angus Club will hold its 2021 herds competition this coming September.

Entries are invited from Munster Aberdeen-Angus breeders in the following categories: Best small herd (10 calves or less registered in the last 12 months), Best Medium herd (10 – 25 calves inclusive registered in the last 12 months), Best Large herd (26 calves and over registered in the last 12 months) and Best New Entrant (open to any herd of any size who has not entered before). There will also be prizes for Best Bull Calf, Best Heifer Calf, Best Cow Family and Best Stock Bull.

All entries must be received by August 31st, to enter, please text your name, address and herd size to club secretary Edward Dudley on 0863559210. You can also enter via email at kilsunnyherd@gmail.com or you can send a message to the club’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/munsterangus.